martes, 24 de febrero de 2009

Por qué hay más innovación en Europa

En repetidas ocasiones he señalado en este blog que la industria de los diarios en Europa ha sido más agresiva e innovadora para responder a la crisis en la industria. Según este reportaje de Time sobre la industria de los periódicos en Europa, estas son algunas razones por las que hay más creatividad en el viejo continente:

"Why is such innovation coming out of Europe, so often dismissed as bereft of new business thinking? There are several reasons but foremost is competition. The U.S. newspaper landscape is a patchwork of one-newspaper towns. Profits are traditionally sky-high — margins run to 30% in some cases — and so is resistance to change. By contrast, Europe is a bloody battleground of national dailies, all clawing at one another. Competition breeds creativity, not to mention a willingness to live with slimmer profits.

"The U.S. lost the beat on newspapers around the year 2000," says Vin Crosbie, a partner at media-consulting firm Digital Deliverance and the fifth generation of a Connecticut newspaper-owning family. "I'm just amazed that most U.S. newspapers update their websites once a day. In Norway, if there's a car crash, they update the whole paper."

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