miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008

10 reglas para la Web de un diario local

De un estudio de Belden Associates publicado en el sitio del Poynter Institute:

1.Your Web site is not your business problem.
2.Your Web site in not your newspaper.
3.You neither own nor control your audience.
4.User-Submitted content is not optional.
5.Your Web site must predominantly contain Web unique content and information. It is not a place simplyto republish print content—either editorial or advertising.
6.Your Web site must contain a substantial amount of real-time content.
7.Your mission remains unchanged at its core—being the central forum for localnews, information, advertising, business, and politics.
8.Your users ARE your content.
9.Limiting access to your content will limit your audience and ultimately serve to destroy your brand and enterprise.
10.You are responsible to transform your enterprise.

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