jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

Entrevista con el "crowdsourcer" mayor

A Jeff Howe se le da crédito de acuñar el término "crowdsourcing", del que hablé hace apenas un par de días en una entrada.
Media Bistro publica esta entrevista con el autor.
Sobre el futuro del periodismo de investigación, dice:
"The future of investigative journalism really is all about impassioned readers working close together with professionals unearthing information that would have formerly required teams of investigative reporters. You have smart journalists and editors who really have their ear to the rail when it comes to the subject, who are helping guide the crowd and ferreting out what's good and what's bad in what they come up with. But you have the crowd doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the aggregate. As individuals, people maybe aren't doing that much; say everyone reads 10 internal memos, and suddenly you have 300,000 internal memos to read because you have 30,000 people who are happy to do it. Every newspaper in the country should be studying what Talking Points Memo does, because you could import that model and hammer away at government malfeasance on every level. "

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