martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

9.20 PM - Más verificación

El New York Times tiene su propio sistema de verificación en vivo con Check Point. Por ejemplo, retoma el asunto del proyecto del planetario de Obama:

"About That Projector 10:14 p.m. As in the last debate, Mr. McCain continued to hit Mr. Obama on the issue of earmarks. “He voted for nearly $1 billion in pork barrel earmark projects,” Mr. McCain said. “Including, by the way, $3 million for an overhead projector at a planetarium in Chicago, Illinois.”
Mr. McCain was referring to an earmark in 2007 that Mr. Obama disclosed in a news release.
Among the requested earmarks Mr. Obama listed for fiscal year 2008: “Adler Planetarium, to support replacement of its projector and related equipment, $3,000,000.”
“One of its most popular attractions and teaching tools at the Adler Planetarium is the Sky Theater,” the statement continued. “The projection equipment in this theater is 40 years old, and is no longer supported with parts or service by the manufacturer. It has begun to fail, leaving the theater dark and groups of school students and other interested museum-goers without this very valuable and exciting learning experience.”
The Adler, founded in 1930, was the first planetarium in the Western hemisphere. On its Web site, it is described as “a recognized leader in science education, with a focus on inspiring young people, particularly women and minorities, to pursue careers in science.” It is
According to an article in The Chicago Tribune in October, it would only be the second time the projector is replaced since the Adler opened in 1930.
“The Zeiss optical projector in Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum’s Sky Theater has been showing the night sky and celestial objects on the theater dome’s inner surface since 1970,” the article said.
The project has already received a $500,000 grant from the Polk Bros. foundation".

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