martes, 23 de septiembre de 2008

Más de Politico

Como decía ayer, Politico es la nueva sensación de la prensa en EEUU. Aquí otra entrevista con uno de sus fundadores, donde le pregunta si considera que el modelo de Politico puede ser replicable para otros:

"Politico is unique in that its print version is aimed at a very local audience while its online reach is national. Do you think this might be a format that other print newspapers might be able to follow, or is it only something that could exist and be profitable in Washington?

I don't think our model can be easily replicated, at least on the print side (unless the federal government moves to another city). John and I do think there is a very robust future for niche sites online. The new media formula is pretty simple: If you can build a desirable audience that a class of advertisers wants to reach, you have a darn good chance at success. Advertisers want efficient ways of reaching their target audience, and niche sites offer it (if you can build a big enough audience). We have some thoughts on variations of POLITICO that might work elsewhere — and we might have more on that next year."

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