miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2008

Predicciones no tan alocadas

Bob Guccione, Jr., creador de la revista Spin y actual editor de Discover, hace estas predicciones en Huffington Post sobre el futuro de los medios, que no me suenan tan alocadas:
"1) Within two years, a major city daily will transform itself into a free paper. Home delivery will still require a paid subscription. The Sunday paper will continue to be sold and will morph into a hybrid of the best of a pleasurable Sunday-paper reading experience and a week-long events resource.
2) A cable channel will pass one or more of the Big Four broadcast networks in total viewership, chiefly because it makes better programs.
3) Google will lose significant market share, because viable competitors will create as good or better search engines and incentivize people to use them.
4) The Internet will not consume print, because it's not strong enough, it's not better, and it's too busy consuming itself."

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