viernes, 8 de febrero de 2008


Si se perdieron este artículo en la New York Times Magazine les recomiendo que lo lean. Hoy me topé con este comentario de un lector sobre el reportaje que, para mí, tiene todo el sentido del mundo:

"Parag Khanna’s article misses the one alliance that could keep the United States from losing its strategic and economic influence — that with Mexico. Mexico, literally on our doorstep, offers a growing market of more than 110 million people, tax-paying guest workers to replace a graying U.S. population, abundant raw materials and a vital link with Latin America. The only thing in the way is the need for the U.S. to do some “European Union-style” investment in the infrastructure of Mexico as well as increased investment in education. The rich European countries made Spain, Portugal and Greece their best customers. Now they are doing the same thing with their eastern members. Oh, and yes, the United States needs to look at Mexico as its most important partner, not its problem.


Chula Vista, Calif."

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