miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2008

¿Hay mercado para el periodismo de calidad?

Jeff Jarvis se hace una pregunta clave en su blog en The Guardian: ¿hay mercado para el periodismo de calidad?

"The real question for the weekend turned out to be whether there is a market demand - and a looming market failure - for quality journalism. I was the optimist in the room and initiated an impromptu poll on pessimism. The optimists, surprising me, won.

But clouds rolled in when talk turned, inevitably, to the scarcity of business models for news. I foresee many new models, though unproven, involving networks, platforms, collaboration, new efficiencies and new players. Others, however, saw no promising models, and so some considered what is not without precedent in Britain: public funds to support journalism - but this time for local papers, at least through their transition to digital."

Y añade al final:

"Is the death of profitable journalism as it was the fault of its stewards, audience, or market circumstances? Given the timing - just as Chicago's Tribune Company prepared for bankruptcy - it was tempting to charge local newspaper owners, in their privileged and complacent monopolies, with a lack of foresight and a surplus of debt. Are the culprits citizens everywhere who don't care enough? American populist and optimist that I am, I don't think so.
Or are papers victims of time and technology? I wondered whether papers' masters, like Ditchley Park's ennobled land barons, are now out of their age. I don't believe they will be replaced by the workers in the stable - citizen journalists (who weren't in the room). But I do think we'll all end up working closer together, tilling smaller fields."

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