martes, 2 de junio de 2009

Estudio sobre modelos de negocios

Interesante estudio de PriceWaterhouseCoopers sobre posibles modelos de negocios para la industria de la información. Entre las condiciones que la investigación establece para una posible transformación están estas preguntas clave:

- Is your brand identity clear - both internally and externally
- and focused on what differentiates you from your
- Are print and new media run as separate operations or as
simply two different distribution mechanisms for the
same core activity?
- Do you have an integrated paper and online advertising
sales team?
- Are you using online to extend your core audience
beyond the traditional print readership?
- Will video journalism and print journalism co-exist online?
- What does your audience want from you - and do you
know what they will pay for?
- Can areas of non-differentiation be outsourced?
- Have you identified non-core activities that should be
downsized or stopped?
- Are you investing today with a clear view of the payback
on that capital allocation?

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